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From a student:

"Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the great job you did of conducting the Carry Permit class that  I attended in May at the Oakdale Gun Club.  As you know, I had attended a previous class but had let my permit expire so I do have something to compare to.  Your class was just far superior to the other, and I can easily say that those who attend your classes are far more informed than those who attend some of the other classes that are available." 

"A woman must not depend on protection from men.  She must be taught to protect herself."

Susan B. Anthony

Training Options is dedicated to providing the highest level of training for men and women who want a permit to carry a handgun for self defense in Minnesota.

It was started in response to the rapidly growing number of women becoming involved in shooting sports and hunting, and interested in carrying a handgun for self-defense.

There is a noticeable shortage of female instructors, and many women prefer a class taught by a woman. 

The face and shape of those who enjoy shooting sports and hunting, and those seeking a permit to carry a handgun for self-defense is changing.  A growing number of women are entering an arena that was formerly dominated by men. 

Training Options LLC is an Approved Business Organization for the MN Personal Protection Act. 

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or 651-242-4242 cell 
e-mail garage-girl "at" comcast "dot" net
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